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There over 60 tenant at the address. Think that totally wrong. I love Poland spring sparkl water. I love Poland Spring. This looks to prove to be a great product. Thanks for the freebies. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Any post on this website may include Affiliate Sponsored Links.

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    Please check out our coupon database and search for your favorite brands or product. You never know what savings you may find. I would give it another go. I was able to do it on desktop.

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    I have not personally tried it on mobile. Someone in promo advertising messed up big time. This has been an ongoing promotion. They may have just reached their promotion cap in your area.

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    I am sorry that you missed out. Please bring back cardboard for bottoms of case. Why would this offer be on a 24 pack of Poland Water that I purchased here in Buffalo but the promotion is not valid here. I hate when companies do this…..

    Water Coupons

    Sorry to hear Lois. Sounds like you need to reach out to Poland springs directly.

    This promotion is being held through them. I am just the messenger. I am looking forward to trying Poland Spring Sparkling. I drink Poland Spring all the time. Some states do not carry it so I have drink another brand. Thank you for my coupon.