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They make a great math center for children to explore. You could give children pictures to copy or specific tasks to complete with a geoboard. Teaching proper care and safety with the elastic bands is important. Cuisenaire rods are brand new to me. They encourage plenty of creative thought and teach a ton of concepts, such as fractions, geometry, and counting. Each size is a different color which is pretty cool. Teaching financial literacy at an early age is important. Encouraging children to shop at a class made store and exchange items for money.

Play money games where coins and bills are used. Teach lessons and have children practice sorting coins, ordering coins by size and quantity, and creating different quantities. Bucket balances are helpful tools in comparing different objects and volumes of liquid. I like this balance scale because items can be easily put in and taken out by children during their exploration.

Mini whiteboards are amazing items that I use daily. I store a class set of boards , markers, and erasers in a basket at the carpet with our other math items. They make those quick moments when you want students to record their findings or solve a problem easy. We use ours daily during our number of the day activities read HERE. Check out this class pack of whiteboards to go along with my go-to dry erase markers that last the longest these Expo markers. While teacher supply stores have great quality math manipulatives, they are often expensive.

If you can get your school to fund your classroom supply, then go this route. Lakeshore Learning has endless types and varieties of manipulatives and wonderful games that would fulfill your needs. I suggest buying the majority of your items when they go on sale or when you can purchase them at affordable prices through Amazon. Each type of manipulative listed above is linked to Amazon to help you create your classroom wishlist.

You can sign up for Amazon Prime and get all of your materials quickly, no matter what the weight of your package. There are many places to purchase math manipulatives. Get creative and have fun searching for materials in your home or find them for cheap at the dollar store. Read about free and affordable math manipulatives from Stir the Wonder.

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  4. Checklists for Classroom Organization Ideas.

Teachers Pay Teachers is another wonderful option for finding math resources, games, centers, and printable manipulatives for your classroom. Tips for Building Math Fluency. Number Sense Activities. It is feeling confident and able to take part in math lessons and activities. It is engaging in math in fluid and effortless ways. Provide the concepts necessary to develop a deeper and more thorough understanding of math. A math concept may take years before reaching fluency, through many repeated experiences with it.

Ultimately, we want children to be able to understand and explain their thinking. We want them to be able to solve problems accurately and find the right answers. When children are taught math and are given opportunities to practice skills daily, their math understanding develops. Having daily whole group lessons, small group lessons, and independent activities, will help build confidence with new skills.

Teaching a math skill once is not enough. Children may appear to understand a concept after it is taught and they may be able to complete an activity to demonstrate knowledge. Yet when they are asked to repeat an activity later or show understanding in a new way, they may have difficulty. When the same skills are taught and reviewed repeatedly throughout the year and following years, those skills become automatic.

This happens through a variety of activities, assignments, and lessons, as well as ways of teaching. Imagine learning how to do something new, such as tying your shoes or riding a bike. If you are taught in only one way, you may become stuck. As teachers, we need to get creative. We need to teach lessons in different ways.

We need to connect math to the real world and real world problems. Differentiation and providing each learner with a task at their level is important. Provide a variety of activities that are hands-on and can be demonstrated in different ways. Making math fun is important to building math fluency. They will be eager to listen, try new things, and complete assignments.

They will learn more if they are having fun. Put yourself in their shoes: Would you enjoy math? Would you retain anything?

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There are tons of fun math activities and ideas available to teachers today. Mental math is the ability to think of and solve a problem quickly and independently. Mental math takes a lot of practice. In a sense, being able to complete math problems mentally demonstrates math fluency.

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  • Children must understand a concept well to be able to solve it mentally. Incorporating mental math into your day helps build fluency and children solve math problems automatically and with ease. There are many ways that you can encourage students to use and build mental math strategies.

    Children need to understand how to solve a math problem. After learning a new strategy, children need to practice each strategy in order to gain fluency with it. Solve problems in more than one way, and teach more than one different strategy. For example, solve addition and subtraction problems in different ways. Teach children to count using their fingers, to draw number representations, to use manipulatives i.

    Incorporating and teaching different strategies will help children build procedural fluency. Teach problem solving strategies, like other math concepts, in a variety of ways. Encourage Math Skills at Home. Great Math Books for Kids. Math Workshop Toolkit. By the end of the year school year, our classrooms are always a mess, right?

    We had stacks of paper, broken crayons, pencils with missing erasers, and bins and files were everywhere. Here are some back-to-school classroom organization ideas that should help. Start the year off right and get things in order for back-to-school time. You can focus on teaching and shaping young minds, instead of trying to find that missing anchor chart. Start off your tasks by making a list of what you need to accomplish. Prioritize and then tackle the items on your list one by one. Here are some handy checklists to give you a place to start.

    Add your own tasks as you see fit. Spend a little time before school starts setting up your file cabinet, organizing digital resources , and refreshing your chart storage. Give students every opportunity possible to show pride in their work and be involved in displaying it, storing it, and sharing it with others. Here are some ways to store and organize it in ways that encourage children for their efforts.

    Prepare a few things that help your classroom run smoothly and efficiently. Plan how your classroom will function, how materials will be stored and accessed, and how you will manage behavior. Here are a few tips:. Start the year off right by having your storage and organization just the way you want it and show students what your expectations are. Model good organization habits by having your room well-organized ahead of time to prime kids to keep it that way! Classroom Organization Ideas for Books and Reading For organizing your reading areas and displaying your classroom books, here are a few helpful ideas.

    Classroom Organization Ideas for Math Set-up and Supplies Math manipulatives, worksheets, activities, and resources are often the hardest things to organize in a classroom. Read about how these teachers fixed that problem. Related Posts. Back to School Ideas that Seasoned Teachers Know The first week of school is often harried with anxious students, the uncertainty of schedules, last-minute finalization of plans, and lots of coffee! Community Building Back to School Ideas Everyone wants to ensure that their classroom is a haven for community and collaboration.

    Classroom Activities for Back to School — Ideas that Work Start the year off with engaging activities that get kids excited about coming to school, and encourages them to grow and learn. Back to School Ideas for Effective Classroom Management Classroom management is something you really must have a handle on. Classroom Organization Ideas for Back to School An organized classroom is a well-run, predictable haven for your students, and saves you your sanity!

    Classroom Essentials: Supplies and Resources for the First Week Back Your school may have the basic things like pencils, paper, sticky notes, and even bulletin board decorating supplies. Collect some fun colored pens and markers , highlighters , sticky notes , and some pretty things for your own desk and window.

    You know, the little things that make your teacher heart happy. As you go throughout the day, having these little things will give you a little boost to your senses and some fun to YOUR day! Classroom Provisions: The kids will love some special things to make their day bright and cheerful. Think about what you would have enjoyed in your classroom as a kid — and if you can, provide that for your students. A Handy Checklist: Be sure to print out my free beginning of the year teacher checklist. It will help you get organized and remember those important details. Prepare Your Portfolios: Will your students have portfolios this year?

    They are great for organizing student work and for during conferences. Plan Some Themes: Books for Back-to-School Here are some books I recommend that are classroom essentials that new and seasoned teachers will enjoy. Get Inspired: Treat yourself to some inspiration, focus, and motivation with Teaching with Intention: This book will help you define your purpose at the beginning of the year and motivate you to stick to it year-round. Tools for Success: Create an environment in which all children can succeed, no matter their needs, differences, or circumstances.

    Helping Children Succeed: What Works and Why by Paul Tough is a great book to give you the knowledge you need to do so. Build Your Classroom Library: Gather the necessary books for your classroom bookshelf and teaching reference. I highly suggest having lots of books that help to teach alphabet recognition, such as these. Top Ten: My top ten ideas for classroom management can be found here. Classroom Jobs: Consider assigning classroom jobs to your students, to keep your classroom running efficiently and giving everyone a sense of responsibility.

    Creative Rewards: Reward your students for their positive efforts daily with these 5 creative and cost-effective solutions. They are kid and teacher approved! Establish your Classroom: Be sure to check out these ten teacher tips for the first week back to school. It includes recommendations for establishing routines and procedures, decorating the classroom, and ideas for initial assessments, plus more! Use this list as a checklist to help you! Early Finishers: Keep those fast finishers busy, by preparing these activity cards in advance, and teaching your students how to reference them and keep themselves busy while others finish their work.

    For First Year Teachers: Be encouraged and inspired by reading my tips for new teachers. Innovative and Inspiring Ideas to Start the Year Right There are so many new ideas and opportunities in the world of teaching.

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    Building Community: Making a conscious effort to build community in your classroom will get your class off to a great start! Flexible Seating: It could be a positive new change for your classroom too! Working with Parents: Make a plan for making an effort to communicate consistently and show that you care.

    The Rules: In fact, it should probably be one of the first things you cover. Think of what rules you will enforce in your room , and go ahead and put them up on your wall for easy introduction on the first day. Engaging Activity: Establish New Routines: Classroom meetings are a great thing to place within your routine, and play a huge role in building community within the classroom.

    End the day with another routine: Bring the kids together and have a quick, 5-minute group discussion about a question or thought drawn from the jar. Waiting for the dismissal bell will be a community-building culmination of the day. Back to School Related Posts. Rewards for Kids: Coupons Coupons are the perfect versatile reward system. Marbles This class management method is incredibly simple to initiate and effective for whole-class goal setting.

    Certificates Students need recognition to know that what they are doing is right. What are your favorite rewards for kids? Class Routine: No More Train Wreck Transitions! Line Up Chants We all know how children, especially the little ones, touch and talk to others in line, invade personal space, or lose control of their bodies.

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    Sounds Sounds would have to be my most used and preferred method for transitions. Brain Breaks A brain break is taking a break from the current, focused task to do a quick activity. These 5 helpful ways to transition in school will help students learn to take care of themselves, handle change, and move through life in socially acceptable ways.

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    What is your go-to way to transition that helps your class routine? PIN Related Posts. Create An Organized Classroom for the First Week of School Having a classroom that is organized and ready for students is incredibly important. Pick Classroom Management Strategies for the First Week Decide before the first week of school what your classroom management will look like.

    Choose a Classroom Decor Style Let me start off by saying that you do not need to have the most beautiful classroom or the most color-coordinated one either. Tips for New Teachers: The Importance of Organization: Familiarize Yourself with Available Resources for New Teachers Find out what resources are available for new teachers to use in your school. New Teacher Tip: Be a Lifelong Learner You should never stop learning as a teacher. Be Kind to Yourself, New Teacher!

    Ready or Not, Here I Come! Is It Smaller? Examples of Use When teaching basic addition, I use magnetic counters that can be used on the whiteboard to illustrate a problem i. Students use two-sided counting chips to solve another similar problem at the carpet. When teaching geometric solids, I use large foam 3D shapes that I can hold and point out its features. Students use smaller similar shapes to find those same features, to locate similar objects in the scavenger hunt around the class, and use them to create structures.

    When teaching measurement, I use many non-standard units, such as cubes, to illustrate how long, tall, wide something is. Students use the cubes to compare and measure with the cubes around the classroom i. Examples of Use Before we start a lesson, students are given time to explore the tub of math manipulatives for that day. I limit my suggestions as to what they should do with them, as I want to encourage creativity and mathematical thinking. Types of Math Manipulatives for Primary There are many types of math manipulatives available to teachers.

    Must-Have Math Manipulatives Dice Dice are a great tool to have on hand for math games and activities. Playing Cards Playing cards make useful math tools because they have numbers on them. Unifix or Snap Cubes Unifix cubes are the colored cubes that connect in one way and snap cubes are colored cubes that can connect in different ways. Pattern Blocks Pattern blocks are small shaped blocks that can be used in multiple ways. Place Value Blocks Teachers know that Place value blocks are very helpful in teaching counting, number concepts, double-digit addition and subtraction.

    Useful Math Manipulatives Dominoes Dominoes are a fun math manipulative to have available for games and other activities, such as matching numbers together. Magnetic Numbers Magnetic numbers are great to have in a math center for children to play with. Geoboards Geoboards are great for building shapes and learning about different geometry concepts.

    Cuisenaire Rods Cuisenaire rods are brand new to me. Balance Scales Bucket balances are helpful tools in comparing different objects and volumes of liquid. Where to Buy Math Manipulatives While teacher supply stores have great quality math manipulatives, they are often expensive. Tip 1: When students enter the classroom, have a question of the day for them to answer and use the answers as a class to create a graph. Provide engaging math morning work for students to work on at their desks while the rest of the class gets settled.

    Have shelves and tubs filled with math manipulatives for students to explore when extra time is afforded. They each provide important spiral math review for first grade. They can be completed independently, in centers, in small groups, or as a class. Tip 2: Ideas for Providing Variety Provide a variety of activities that are hands-on and can be demonstrated in different ways. Involve children actively. They can be used to demonstrate concepts, used for practice, for free exploration, and much more. Use different ways to teach a lesson, such as warm-ups, with literature, word problems, oral, drawing, and physical demonstrations, chants and songs, etc.

    The Mindful Math curriculum includes a huge variety in every lesson and unit. Tip 3: Have activities set up in the classroom that children enjoy and feel successful at. Have math centers prepared and ready for students to grab and try. Teachers Pay Teachers is an invaluable resource filled with different math curriculums , activities, lessons, projects, and so much more. Pinterest is another amazing place to find excellent math ideas. Simply search for the concept you are teaching, and you will find tons of activities that children will love.

    Check out my board of math activities and games. Tip 4: Ask questions orally without any visual representation of the problem available. This allows other students to have a chance to complete the question as well. After enough time, ask students to give their answers and explain their thinking. Children can learn a lot from others and the strategies they use. Mental Math flash cards can be used at the start of every lesson. As this practice is repeated, fluency with math facts and mental math strategies develop. Also, knowing basic math facts will help build fluency later with higher level skills.

    Tip 5: Use posters and diagrams to illustrate something new. Draw and write examples on anchor charts and post them in visible locations and refer to them when needed. Use different math tools and manipulatives. Create mindful, hands-on, and active lessons that get children using their bodies, hands, and minds in useful ways. Children above participated actively in the human number line game to illustrate the strategy of counting, adding, and subtracting using a number line.

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