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Power Tools Power tools are essential to every project. Power Tool Accessories Drill bits, screwdriver bits, and sanding from top brands like Erbauer and Dremel. Tool Storage Tool bags and boxes too belts and organisers that assist with the transportation and storage of your tools. Site Equipment Cement mixers and a large range of Trolleys and Dollys to help move items safely.

Garden Hand Tools Forks, spades, rakes and pruners for cutting, digging and lawn maintenance.

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Speedy is the UK’s leading tools, equipment and plant hire services company.

I can go to merchants more suited to my trade and get a good discount every time. I used to like TradePoint, but They have changed the discount scheme and only give you a discount for the following month if you meet a spending criteria. Gasrite - July 1, Not a great saving on prices and the products are inferior. Only saving grace is long opening hours if you're desperate. Very poor in customer services at times. Prices are through the roof, just absolute rip off.

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Not very good fpr trades people. Ultimate Plumbing and Heating Services - May 12, Very basic product selection and not always the cheapest seems anyone can get a trade card. Last resort if needed. Finnoah Construction Ltd.

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Again with early opening and late closing, it works really well with trademan and our hours of working. Browns Plumbing - December 21, They sell top brand products at a relatively reasonable price, most items are available from stock and they are open 7 days a week, which is always handy. Nwl home improvements - December 18, Good to go too as they have most things at good prices, I have been let down a few times by these but would use again.

In my trade I find the value for money reasonable. Good stock in most of the time. Open 7 days a week which is handy for when we work all week and weekend. Prices not as good as at Merchants and the 'Tradepoint Prices' are normally the same as general public price anyway, think my card has only ever saved me money twice.

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Hampshire Handyman Services - November 8, Tradepoint I only use if out of other options. Prices are not competitive and the price In store to general public is usually the same. Evolve Maintenance Ltd - October 15, Jason Gunter Decorating - October 14, Again a good selection although I find they are not that cheap if you shop around Opening times are good i. Rudd General Building - October 14, Have my trade card, saves a little on full kitchens and bathrooms.

Handy if local and only need a few bits but dearer than normal merchants. I'm happy with the card and to be fair I make saving even if it is only a pound year and there, wood, taps, paints and plasterboard, are the best savings, I'm not about to retire with the savings made but every little helps so Tesco Stella me. Trade card holder.

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I pick up items, no discount offered. What is the scheme???

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The trade card should get the tradesman a discount on everything that is sold. Lyttle smart homes ni - June 28, Not great have a card but as with everyone else same issue with going in not knowing if you are getting any discount and having to carry things to trade counter to find out 0 discount on products to carry it back because its to expensive. Also not alot of b and q in NI so not very handy for me either. Bog Standard Plumbing - June 26, Current Promotions.

Organisers Help to keep essentials like nails, screws and tool accessories tidy with a range of organisers. Work Benches A range of work benches, saw horses and foldable trestle tables. Tool Boxes Heavy duty chests to store tools, for a more mobile option choose one with wheels. Tool Belts and Holders A range of belts and holders to help keep you mobile while still carrying your tools.