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The 8 Best Places to Buy Phones in 12222

Verizon vs. These companies are referred to as mobile virtual network operators MVNOs.

MVNOs have plans for people who need unlimited data, families and those who just want the cheapest deal possible. Clark and his team have reviewed more than cell phone plans to identify the best options. Price, network reliability and customer satisfaction are three main factors that we considered. How do you know if one of these deals is right for you? Team Clark has come up with the top five questions you need to answer when shopping for a new cell phone provider.

After this list, compare our favorite cheap cell phone plans for unlimited data, families, light data users and more. Plans that charge for a fixed amount of data can be much cheaper. Every wireless provider has a coverage map on its website. Looking for more than a single line? Prepaid service is paid for in advance, while postpaid service is when you pay at the end of your billing cycle.

Mobile phone deals in February 12222 - Compare the best choices

Most carriers will sell you a new phone, but if you want to bring your own device it must be unlocked. Click on one of the category links below or just keep scrolling to find out more about them.

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We would also appreciate it if you left a review of any of these providers in the comments below! Netflix is included with T-Mobile One for two lines or more, so those who only need a single line of service may be better off with one of the cheaper unlimited talk, text and data plans listed below. Key takeaway: Both plans have mobile hotspot. MetroPCS is changing its name and adding 2 new unlimited data plans.

The cheaper option restricts data speeds to 3 Mbps. It also relies on 18 million Wi-Fi hotspots. Mint Mobile review: Want to lower your cell phone bill even more? If you have four lines of service, your monthly cost per line will really go down! There are special deals for those 55 and older! The best cell phone plans for seniors. When traveling abroad, you use data just like you would at home.

With Google Fi, unlimited international texts are included in the plan and cell service is 20 cents a minute overseas. Before you switch to a cheaper wireless plan, review the five questions that we mentioned earlier. Those will help you identify the features that matter to you most. Or maybe not. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for exclusive content. What we like. Get the whole review Get to know Verizon better by checking out our full Verizon review.

View plan View plan View plan.

The 8 Best Places to Buy Phones in

Want a higher data cap? Get an upgrade. Alternative picks. More prepaid plans Curious to learn more about what prepaid plans are out there? Check out our top picks for the prepaid plans. Alternative picks Need some other options for prepaid cell phone plans? Check these out. What we like High unthrottled data cap Can we just talk about the jaw-dropping 50 GB of unthrottled data T-Mobile gives you?

Upgrade your phone each month.

TV and video lovers: How does HD up to p streaming sound? Hotspot users: Give your satellite internet a boost or get work done even with cringe-worthy hotel internet thanks to 10 GB of 4G LTE hotspot data. Anyone who hates telemarketers: And no need to roll your eyes at robots leaving voicemails. Just translate them to text instead. Alternative picks Want to have a look at all your choices?

Mic drop. Read the review Make sure this family plan checks all the boxes on your list. Check out our full-length T-Mobile review. Considering prepaid? Check out all your options, including Total Wireless, in our full-length prepaid plans review. Best overall: The Verizon Beyond Unlimited plan has us hyped in a good way. With top-rated coverage and speed plus HD streaming and 22 GB of unthrottled 4G LTE data each month, it was an easy pick for best cell phone plan overall.

Best prepaid plan: But watch out for not-so-great customer service. Best unlimited plan: Oh, and taxes and fees are included in that price you see online. The downside? You might see your signal drop in rural areas.


Best family plan: We recommend T-Mobile ONE for families since its 50 GB of high-speed data and competitive price will make data-hungry kids and adults happy. Best prepaid family plan: We picked the Total Wireless 25 GB plan thanks to its large 25 GB of shared high-speed data and good performance on the Verizon network. View plan.

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