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Bowra asked, "Hey Larry, question about internal links related to navigation.

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I work with sites for small businesses, and our biggest sites are generally still less than 1, pages including blogs and articles. The strategy has always been to build more marketing pages as time goes on, starting broad and getting more granular.

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This can lead to some fairly crazy looking cascading or accordion-style navigation and generate a lot of links on each page. What rules do you follow when you're developing a site over time and trying to organize the architecture and navigation? Why does everything have to be in the navigation? The main pathway through the site is that people just arrive directly at the page relevant to their search, either via PPC or SEO. I think site navigation is a relic from before search engines. You can also leverage a a site search tool b in-paragraph contextual linking within content.

1. What's Your Keyword Research Secret?

I think having large numbers of navigation links with very similar anchor text is suspect and I wouldn't be surprised if Google targeted that in a future algorithm update. Backlinko asked, "I'm looking to get into AdWords to generate brand awareness and build my email list Some say it should be a small part of your PPC campaigns. Some say you can do well with just retargeting.

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Remember that you can be very picky in audience selection. For example, you could choose to remarket to just those people who visited your pricing page, or viewed 5 or more pages, etc. What tools are out there to help me do this? What has your success been with multivariate testing for SEM? What are the drawbacks? It is remarkably difficult in SEM to understand if the optimizations that we work on have the intended impact, due to so many variables at play.

As a result, my success with multivariate testing has been low. This is compounded if you don't have a huge amount of traffic, since it takes a long time to reach statistical significance. Also, Google is releasing a new tool called "Your Own Lab" which seems to be a good way for doing those types of experiments the feature is still in beta.

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Original post. Follow Larry Kim on Twitter. The must-read news, updates, and insights into all things social media marketing. Search x. An article from. Author By Larry Kim larrykim. Share it post share tweet. What's Your Keyword Research Secret? Here are a few ideas: For example, keywords with commercial intent people looking to buy do better on paid search because Google crowds out all the above-the-fold space with ads such as Google Shopping ads. Keywords with informational intent e. By using both together, you can have better coverage across all the keywords within your niche.

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By tagging those visitors and remarketing to them on the Google Display Network, you could double that conversion rate. Companies spend so much money and time creating content that often very few people read. This week in the last episode of the year, we take a look at the Best of Ask Me Monday I take you back through some of the most watched episodes, sharing clips from the Top Give it a watch psst…be sure to check out the giveaway at the end , then see below for links to full episode and all of the patterns referenced in the episode.

Support your local yarn stores and indie online shops. How to Make Plastic Yarn Ep. How to Crochet Buttons Ep. Crochet Rope Basket Ep. How to Knit a Latvian Braid Ep.

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How to Knit Socks Ep. How to Knit Crochet Stitches Ep. Under 2-Hour Cowls Ep. Thanks so much for this opportunity to win such a cool prize. Love your podcast, videos, and the Knit Show! My LYS is as follows: I look forward to Ask Me Monday every week. I have been following Vickie since her show KnittyGritty.

Not really local it is about 25 minutes away.